Claire Oehley
Director, Career Consultant

Claire Oehley is the founder of Compass Careers, a leading provider of career guidance for adolescents in the greater Waikato and beyond. She is a qualified career development consultant, with specific expertise in adolescent career development, is a branch committee member of CDANZ, and a certified MBTI practitioner.

She is passionate about helping adolescents achieve career clarity, decisiveness and a sense of identity as they approach their future in the world of work. She completed her Masters in Professional Practice (Career Development) with a specific focus on adolescents, and developed an exciting new model to both explain and improve the career clarity process. Claire has helped hundreds of clients achieve career clarity and is excited to meet you and help you find your place in the world of work.

Claire has a background in medical imaging and managed her own successful career transition. She understands that in today's gig economy careers need to be flexible and dynamic, and the steps you take to plan your career now will pay dividends years into the future.

Claire is based in north Hamilton, but also offers virtual consultations by Zoom or Skype.